HTML Documents Protection
Current Applications: Restricted Access to any data, stored in HTML format (encrypted web pages, html documents, presentations, online courses).
Besides strong encryption it also provides two-factor authentication for remote clients.

Who needs it? Companies, wishing to distribute or sell information like presentations, courses, etc... For example, one of WestGate customers - Traders International Inc. ( is currently employing this technology to ensure that only students purchasing their online courses have access to these courses.
This is done through a customized browser built especially for Traders International. Courses can only be accessed if the student has their CryptoKeyTM attached to their PC.

Benefit: Solutions based on this technology allow customers to encrypt their HTML documents (presentations, courses, etc.) and to organize reliable online access to them for their clients/end-users having valid CryptoKeyTM.

In particular a turnkey solution created for Traders International allowed them to program their own keys, create and encrypt their own courses and administer access rights for their students using the Online Management Desk.

How it works: All HTML document files (text files, scripts and images, audio, etc.) are encrypted with 256 bit AES symmetric key. The Online/Offline Distributor's Data Base contains current user rights table. Each user (client) receives a CryptoKeyTM, programmed with his/her unique encryption key (1024 bit RSA private key). In order to give user access rights to documents - encryption key is encrypted with user's RSA public key and placed to the access controlling document (header). A special web or local application for distributors (Management Desk) allows to:
- encrypt HTML documents;
- add/edit end-users and control their access rights;
- program CryptoKeys

Server-side requirements: After being encrypted, documents should be uploaded to customer's server, or written on CD (if they are distributed offline). Our approach is extremely flexible: from powerful Online Data Base (SQL Server, PHP) supporting thousands of users to a set of static encrypted files to minimize server side requirements: acceptable Internet bandwidth and enough space to publish encrypted document files this is all what is required. No additional server software development is needed, like Java, ASP, PHP, etc. Documents could be easily downloaded by everybody, because they can be decrypted only by person, who has valid CryptoKeyTM with granted access.
Offline (CD based distribution of encrypted content) is also an option.

Client-side requirements: On the client side we have dedicated WestGate Browser. It contains two internal parts: local server and browser shell. Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 + Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher - these are the only requirements for client's side environment.

The client authentication is performed by WestGate local server: it checks if valid CryptoKeyTM is attached to the client's computer. If yes, then local server downloads encrypted document files from the remote server (or CD), decrypts them on the fly and sends to the internal browser shell.

To accelerate the process a special cache for encrypted documents is supported for the client side. If an encrypted document (or any of its internal files) was uploaded recently to the client's computer and is still valid, then its local copy will be used next time when needed.

Two components of the client side of this solution are implemented as parallel threads of one process, communicated with each other via HTTPS protocol.

Click here to view the picture illustrating this WestGate's technology.
Summary: WestGate HTML Documents Protection has significant benefits, comparing to software-based protection and could be extremely useful for various online and offline content distributors. It can be used in combination with WestGate Remote Client Authentication, and Personal Security Assistant.


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