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1. THE OFFICE: Security Suit (Full Version)
For Small to Medium Sized Businesses with a need to transmit and store their documents, emails and any sensitive data and have it be COMPLETELY SECURED. Flexible and intuitive access rights management for all documents and files based on Management Infrastructure, supporting public/private keys (certificates) and protection rings (restricted access).

2. YOUR IDENTITY: Personal Security Assistant
Personal Security Assistant works like a SECURE digital organizer by encrypting and storing all Internet Resources, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, etc. Provides Secure password, logon, credit card information storage for ecommerce or system access. All this data is stored on the CryptoKey™.

3. BUSINESS/PERSONAL: Security Suit (Lite Version)
The Security Suit Lite is light version of Security Suit and has 2 components:
1) Protected Disk: it creates a hidden and encrypted directory on the PC that Creates a hidden and encrypted directory on the PC that can only be accessed if there is a CryptoKey™ present.
2) Personal Security Assistant

4. MULTI MEDIA: Audio & Video Real Time Encryption (RTE)
<Patent Pending>
Encrypted audio/video distribution (including web-based distribution), "video on demand", encrypted video conferences and meetings, internal virtual product presentations, depositions, just in time learning, distribution of music files and many other uses.

Custom Projects
1. HTML Encryption Technology
Restricted Access to the data, stored in HTML format (encrypted web pages, html documents, presentations, online courses). Provides two-factor authentication for remote clients.

2. Remote Client Authentication (RCA)
The Remote Client Authentication Toolkit enables a business to add security and strong identification features to their web site and other Internet/Intranet based solutions.

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