Remote Client Authentication
This technology enables businesses to add security and strong authentication features to their web sites and other Internet based solutions (Intranets, ASPs). Remote Client Authentication (RCA) becomes a smart and affordable solution in all cases when various online services or dynamically generated information is used: real time trading, online banking any other online services. WestGate RCA technology is based on worldwide security standards, utilizing x.509 certificates stored in personal CryptoKeyTM for strong client authentication and HTTPS/SSL encrypted sessions.

Benefit: Online authentication and Access Control for all users with a CryptoKeyTM. Secure logon to your web site or its restricted areas, intranet, Application Service Provider.

System Requirements:
Server Side: Any platform, x.509 support for remote authentication
Client Side: Standard Win32 Environment

How it works: Every client obtains personal certificate (x.509 standard) issued by the company's trusted Certificate Authority (CA) and stored in his/her CryptoKeyTM. When it comes to remote client authentication the server shows its trusted certificate to the remote client and asks it for client's certificate. Two factor local authentication must be successfully passed prior to remote authentication: the client attaches his/her CryptoKeys to the computer and enters valid PIN.

The benefit of such an approach is that all secure and sensitive information is kept encrypted inside the hardware. No data is stored on your computer, like cookies or certificates. This is a critical element of our business and our security solutions.

Click here to view the Remote Client Authentication Chart.

Summary: The Remote Client Authentication approach (presented by Westgate Inc.) has significant benefits, comparing to software-based authentication and can be successfully applied in such fields as online services, general web security, remote software updates, etc. The usage of the CryptoKeyTM strengthens a company's security and we provide businesses with a convenient and easy-to-use toolkit to develop their own solution and protect their data. This technology is used in combination with Personal Security Assistant providing secure Internet browsing and x.509 certificate management for its users.


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