Audio & Video RTE
- Reliable protection for your Audio & Video media files and streams.
Hardware Encryption Keys
- This USB Hardware Key is great for Data Encryption (AES/RSA), Two-Factor Authentication and more..
- Customizing our Audio & Video RTE for your needs
- High quality software development services
With over 15 years in operation, WestGate, Inc. provides reliable, high quality, and cost-efficient software development services including, but not limited to:
  • Audio and Video RTE product customization according to your needs and requirements and/or its further integration with your existing technology;
  • Internet based integrated solutions with multilayer architecture, including SQL database with XML/Web/dedicated interfaces on top of it and smart Win32/Win64 clients;
  • Security, software and data protection;
  • Win/Linux/Mac application development.

The programming services of WestGate, Inc. are carried out by a team of highly qualified specialists: project managers, system analysts, application and system level software engineers, web designers and artists.

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