Audio & Video RTE
- Reliable protection for your Audio & Video media files and streams.
Hardware Encryption Keys
- This USB Hardware Key is great for Data Encryption (AES/RSA), Two-Factor Authentication and more..
- Customizing our Audio & Video RTE for your needs
- High quality software development services
Hardware Encryption Keys
The CRYPTO-BOX® USB is the shortest USB key available on the world market.

CRYPTO-BOX® USB Specifications:
  • Metal casing shields electronic circuitry perfectly (case - Ni plated)
  • Unique serial number for every CRYPTO-BOX® USB
  • Reliable communication and device identification (on the fly plug in/out)
  • LED indicates operation
  • Data retention min. 10 years
  • Programming RAM typical more than 1 million cycles; 100,000 guaranteed
  • Microprocessor 8 bit CMOS micro-controller
  • Storage temperature -40 F to 185 F (-40 C to +85 C)
  • Working temperature 32 F to 158 F (+0 C to +70 C)
  • Humidity 0 % to 95% rel. hum.
  • Dimensions 4/5" x 1/3" x 1", body:2/3" (12 x 8 x 29mm, body:17mm)
  • On board encrypted 4 Kb EEPROM (optionally up to 32Kb supported): due to large internal memory the CRYPTO-BOX USB can serve as a safe, portable storage media for sensitive data
  • Access control: admin. password, user password - each 2128 security codes possible
  • Algorithm supported: AES Rijndael, used in OFB (Output Feedback Mode) bit stream mode (firmware) , RSA (driver level)
Onboard True Physical Noise Generator (optional) provides frequently required non-predictable, non-sequential random stream.

Currently the Audio&Video RTE solution is implemented for MARX USB CRYPTO-BOX®:

This USB hardware key has all you need for plug-and-play software & data protection, access control, web identification, secure storage of sensitive data and much more.
The first key with firmware level implemented AES / Rijndael OFB encryption, True Physical Noise Generator (optional), driver level RSA support (up to 2048 bit key). 4 to 32 Kbytes memory. The CRYPTO-BOX® USB supports Win32/64 platform: 2000, XP, Vista, Win7; Linux and Mac OSX .

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