Audio & Video RTE Technology
WestGate Inc. presents its new patent pending product - Audio & Video RTE (Real Time Encryption). Audio & Video RTE is the solution to one of technology's biggest issues: How to deliver audio or video content and not risk that it will be redistributed, or accessed without authorization.

Our secure and easy to use solution allows media providers/vendors to encrypt audio/video information so that the resulting encrypted media can be reproduced only with a hardware key attached to client's PC. One key that actually fits on your keychain, unlocks it all. No key, no access. Audio & Video RTE encrypts a digital media file (Video or Audio) or a media stream on the server side, and utilizes this little key, which is attached to the clients computer, for decryption. The hardware key can be customized according to specific requirements, using the client's choice of hardware (USB, Parallel, Serial, Internal, smartcard, wireless) insuring that only authorized users can have access to the encrypted data.

Click here to view the diagram which illustrates the dataflow (USB encryption hardware shown).

The Audio & Video RTE solution in combination with Microsoft Windows Media Services allows the delivery of encrypted media content as Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) in a variety of different ways, based on the specific needs - and the capabilities or limitations of the network. Content can be delivered either live or pre-recorded, multicast or unicast.

Pre-recorded or "on-demand" content is media (like video tape or .wav file) that has been converted to ASF or WMV/WMA and placed on a Windows Media Server. Live content is captured directly from a recording source, encoded to a stream, and delivered to users.

WestGate Inc. filed patent application for cryptographic protection of media content using external cryptoprocessor.

WestGate is ready to customize Audio&Video RTE Solution for your needs.

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Audio & Video RTE


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