Audio & Video RTE
- Reliable protection for your Audio & Video media files and streams.
Hardware Encryption Keys
- This USB Hardware Key is great for Data Encryption (AES/RSA), Two-Factor Authentication and more..
- Customizing our Audio & Video RTE for your needs
- High quality software development services
Audio & Video RTE Demonstration
To start you need to have our Audio & Video RTE Demo Package including a demo hardware key. Order

Click here to download and install the latest demo files, required system support and download audio/video samples.
If you have Audio & Video RTE Demo installed on your computer, you are ready to view/listen protected video clips/music online:
  • Launch Audio & Video RTE Demo Control Center from the Start menu;
  • Attach a demo hardware key;
  • Press "Prepare Box for Web Demonstration" button to get the demo key ready for online test (online demo encryption key will be written to the demo box);
  • Select one of video or audio clips from the list below.
If the hardware key is attached the video clip will be played back, if removed you'll see: "Insert Hardware Key" black screen and no audio.

In case of audio you'll hear beeps instead of music.
Demo clips to view/listen online:
  1. Video 1: 384 Kbit/s | 128 Kbit/s
  2. Video 2: 384 Kbit/s | 128 Kbit/s
  3. Audio 1: 128 Kbit/s | 96 Kbit/s

Audio & Video RTE

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