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To view/listen media files encrypted with Audio & Video RTE on your computer you need to download and install Audio & Video RTE Runtime:

If you have high speed Internet connection (DSL/Cable/ISDN), download and run Audio & Video RTE Runtime Setup:
AVRTE_Runtime.exe Version: Size: 39.2 Mbytes

After Runtime is installed you can playback encrypted media files.
Note: To reproduce encrypted media you should have a proper hardware key, attached to your computer.

If you connected to Internet through dial up, you can minimize traffic by downloading and installing only necessary components step by step:

Step 1: Download and install hardware key driver
Download the latest version of MARX smart driver setup utility - CBSetup.exe
To install the driver run: CBSetup.exe /Q /CRYPTOKEN

Step 2: Download and install Microsoft® DirectX ver. 9.0 or higher
If you do not have DirectX 9.0 or higher installed on your computer click here to download it from the Microsoft web site.

Step 3: Download and install Microsoft® Windows Media Format 9 Series
Click here to download it.

Step 4: Download and install Audio & VideoRTE Drivers
The latest version of the Audio & Video RTE drivers:
AVRTE_Drivers.exe Version: Size: 1.6 Mbytes

Note: To reproduce protected media you should also have a proper hardware key, attached to your computer.
To be able to convert other popular media formats (MP3, AVI, etc.) to WMV/WMA you should have Microsoft® Windows Media Encoder 7.1 (or higher) installed. It can be downloaded from the: (Select "Windows Media Encoder" category)
Note: To run the Audio & Video RTE Demo you should have a demo hardware key.

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