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Q: How to protect audio & video formats other than WMV/WMA, like: MP3, DivX, MPEG1, MPEG2, etc.?
A: If you have audio/video media in other formats, use Windows Media Encoder to convert any audio/video media (WAV, AVI, MP3, etc.) to WMA/WMV. You can also use Media Encoder to change WMV/WMA bandwidth and other parameters.
Microsoft® Windows Media Encoder 7.1 (or higher) can be downloaded from the:
Q: Can MARX CRYPTO-BOX® USB be used for other security/protection applications besides Audio & VideoRTE?
A: Yes, we can add security & protection to your existing technologies or develop a new application according to your needs or you can visit MARX web site: for MARX SDK and other products.
Q: MARX CRYPTO-BOX® USB doesn't work properly on my computer.
A: You should run MarxProbe - smart diagnostics utility from MARX for troubleshooting and send us your error report with MarxProbe log attached. Press here to download MarxProbe.

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