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WestGate uses the Information Manager (IM) as a special internal technology implemented as a software engine and dedicated to enforce and simplify the process of application development for wide range of user frontends such as: information inquery systems, entertainment and educational software, customer specific client workbenches.

IM is implemented for Win platform.

The key feature of the software products based on the IM technology is their attractive and intuitive user interface (see www.treasuresoftware.com for screenshots of Perfect Secretary® - bowling software application based on the IM technology).

IM technology provides developers with a well-structured convenient and clear architecture of the software product leaving to them the choice and implementation of application specific methods and approaches (database engine and key structures, semantic algorithms and their optimization).

The Information Manager allows to:
- have an information model in the most natural way;
- significantly extend standard interface provided by common APIs/Application Framework;
- add new Information Views specific to this or that application.

WestGate developers have been efficiently using and improving this technology for more than 3 years working on customer specific frontends.

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