About WestGate Software Security, Inc.
Presentation of Services
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Our Team
The programming services of WestGate Inc. are carried out by a team of highly qualified specialists: project managers, system analysts, application and system level software engineers, web designers and artists.

Some of our Technical Skills include:
- Win32/64, UNIX (Linux/FreeBSD), MAC OSX system programming, remote server administration, security solutions, data and software protection;
- Programming Technologies: C/C++ (Windows/Linux/MAC OSX), C#.NET, COM, Java, Delphi, CBuilder, Visual Basic and VBA
- Database Technologies: Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL
- Internet Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CGI, DHTML, XML, ASP.NET, JSP/Java, JSP, PHP, Perl
- Web desigh, computer design and artwork.

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